What Is Alcoholism And How Do I Know If I Am Alcoholic?

Alcohol addiction is spread among people all over the world, alcohol addiction affects in both ways the physically and the mentally, alcohol consumption can take place to any person, regardless of their physical or social status. In fact, some people are more interested in drinking than others, always they try to search opportunity to drink, even in the morning, they feel the urge to drink and they only seek out the reasons. Such people are called victims of alcoholism.

The different types of alcoholism

There are different types of alcoholism. First there is acute alcoholism, which consists of drinking a few drinks occasionally without being dependent on them. Then there is excessive alcoholism, which in general is characterized by drinking more than two glasses of alcohol a day in women and three drinks a day in men.

Signs that you are alcohol dependence

A person is considered as drunken if he needs alcohol every day and he can not go to a meeting or party with friends without drinking, for example, a person who drank alcohol in the morning to forget his problems He’s a drunkard. When you can not do your normal daily activities without drinking alcohol, you will be considered an alcoholic. When there is an essential requirement of alcohol for living and moving forward in life. When it becomes the most important thing in your life and you start ignoring all things including your family, friends, spouse and work, it is a sign of your alcoholism.

A person can drink alcohol despite not dependent on alcohol. On the other hand, a person who becomes stressful or invasive when not getting alcohol, changes his daily behavior, shows signs of dependence on alcohol, and such a person has a strict requirement for treatment.

What are the dangers of alcoholism?

Alcoholism can have serious consequences on the physical and mental health of a person as well as on their interpersonal relationships. In fact, besides alcohol being a major cause of cerebral damage and liver problems, it also gives rise to adverse physical effects. Alcohol makes you sad, expresses negative thoughts and adversely affects relationships with loved ones.

Alcohol dependent person remains unaware of his negative consequences and destroys all those things which are good around him. Since her priority is to drink in order to forget her illness or her problems, she ruins herself economically for drinking,

Due to alcohol addiction he would’t work perfectly and fear to lose her job , and driving while drinking alcohol Can get a criminal record too. The consequences of alcohol are destructive, but the alcoholic does not know about it, so it is necessary to intervene before being too late.

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