For those affected by alcoholism or drug addiction, the use of alcohol or drugs becomes an obsession. Their whole life revolves around this consumption to the detriment of all other activities. Gradually, they come to neglect their family and professional responsibilities. Interpersonal conflicts arise and worsen. At this point, despite the problems that accumulate, they simply can no longer resist their obsessions of consuming.

Know that there are solutions and that you can receive help quickly and confidentially!

Am I at risk?

Here is a small questionnaire based on the general symptoms of addiction:

  • Do you ever be unable to resist a desire to consume?
  • Do you ever observe the rise of tension (or stress) that leads to consumption?
  • Do you ever feel relief when you consume?
  • Do you ever experience a loss of control when you consume?

Answering yes to only one of these questions may indicate the presence of an addiction problem. If so, rehabilitation center can help you.

Need of information?

When someone calls center for alcohol and drug treatment to find out about treatments for alcohol, drug or prescription drug problems, they usually have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • his consumption of alcohol or drugs has become uncontrollable
  • she experiences marital or family conflicts
  • she has lost self-esteem
  • she feels the need to talk about her difficulties in complete confidentiality
  • it can no longer, without help, cope with the difficulties that accumulate

Our objective

We want to help those who use our services to stop using alcohol and drugs and to regain their dignity and personal balance.

At alcohol treatment centers, they will be able to:

  • discuss their difficulties in a safe and confidential environment
  • recognize the consequences of alcohol and drug use in their lives and those around them
  • understand the mechanisms that lead to this consumption and develop their ability to abstain from alcohol and drugs
  • maintain this abstinence in the longer term by joining self-help groups and support groups offered at drug rehabilitation center
  • to regain self-esteem and better harmony in their interpersonal relationships

The program

At center for alcohol and drug treatment, alcoholism and other addictions are considered to be diseases that affect the physical, mental and spiritual condition of dependent people. Experience shows that an alcohol poisoning treatment that targets abstinence and involvement in self-help groups (eg, AA, NA, CA) allows the person to regain balance and abstain from psychotropic substances.

The rehabilitation center offers a residential program that adopts the best practices in the treatment of addicted person. It is open to anyone 18 years of age or older who has problems with their use of alcohol, drugs or prescription drugs.

Phase 1: Detoxification help
Our team of doctors and nurses offers detoxification assistance to individuals whose condition requires special medical attention. If more intensive care is required, the person is referred to a specialized hospital center until they are able to benefit from the treatments offered at drug rehab center.

Phase 2: Intensive residency program
From 21 to 28 days, the intensive residential program includes educational presentations, readings, individual work, meetings with a specialist and group sessions.

Also part of this program:

  • a complete medical examination
  • an individualized treatment plan
  • daily relaxation sessions
  • a psychological assessment when the situation requires it
  • identification of relapse factors to better deal with difficult post-treatment situations

Identification of relapse factors and an action plan to better deal with the sometimes difficult situations that occur after treatment.

Phase 3: Weekly follow-up
This phase of treatment, spread over a 12-week period of one evening per week, is a logical continuation of the residency program. It consists mainly of focus groups and aims to provide better support in the first few months after treatment. Motivational groups are also available for those who need it.

Phase 4: Monthly follow-up
This follow-up, lasting 12 months, for half a day per month, offers thematic presentations and exchanges on the joys and difficulties that mark the first year of abstinence. It allows participants to receive needed support during this critical recovery period.

Self-help groups

In addition to participating in our program activities, we encourage membership in self-help groups such as alcohol anonymous. These groups are an essential part of treatment and provide free support, at all times, throughout Quebec. In addition, each person who uses rehabilitation center services can attend the various self-help groups that are held several times a week at center for alcohol and drug treatment for as long and as often as they wish.


To find out about the fees for treatments offered at alcohol treatment centers, contact us feel free.

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