injection-300x300In the recent years there has being a recent spike in number of HGH supplement users. Alone in US, numbers of teenagers making use of HGH has doubled. Epidemic promotion of these supplements over the internet has caused a sudden increase in user base. If you are making use of HGH supplements or want to, but are confused over all the controversies related to these supplements, we have solution for you.

Here we are going to address some of the major controversies surround best HGH supplements. We will try to find out how true and genuine these controversies are.

All HGH supplements are synthetic

Most of the HGH supplements are synthetic but they all are injectible formulations. Synthetic HGH supplements are very efficient that help users with easy muscle development and overall body improvement but this comes at the cost of high side effects. You need to be well aware of what all can be the consequences of using synthetic HGH.

Yes there are severe side effects of using synthetic HGH injections but there are alternatives available. Oral HGH pills and sprays can be used for body building and younger looks without any side effects. Making use of oral HGH supplements all the side effects like heart enlargement, hypertension, liver damage and Carpel Tunnel syndrome can be avoided. Some of the best oral HGH supplements available are Sytropin, GenF20 Plus and HyperGH 14X which can be used without any concern of side effects.

HGH supplements are only for bodybuilding

Another misconception about use of HGH supplements is that they are only for body building. However this is not the case. HGH supplements can be used for a number of other benefits as well. Most of these benefits include:

  • Anti Aging-diminishing age lines, removal of wrinkles and dark spots
  • Enhanced functionality of heart, liver and kidneys
  • Improved sex drive and libido
  • Improved body stamina and endurance
  • Denser and stronger bones
  • Lean body mass development due to fat burning
  • Strengthened immunity

With aging the levels of growth hormones decline drastically. Therefore it becomes necessary to make use of oral HGH supplements to have a healthy youthful life.

Oral HGH products are of no use

Many people claim that there is no benefit of making use of HGH supplements as they can’t be injected directly into blood stream. This is a wrong assumption as oral HGH pills and sprays are developed to slowly get absorbed into blood stream. This is done to minimize their activity rate and side effects.

For those of you willing to make use of HGH supplements, oral alternatives are the best.

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