Reviews of the buckwheat diet are full of thanks for getting rid of obesity. And the resentment here, they say, so much had to endure the monotonous buckwheat menu. But what can’t you do to lose weight! Let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages of buckwheat diet to better understand what awaits us with this food system.

Unthinkable benefits of buckwheat diet

1- With curved diets, due to the good saturation of buckwheat grains, the slimming person does not have such feelings as weakness, dizziness, fatigue of the organism.

2- Buckwheat cannot be limited in quantities. Another issue is that you don’t eat much, especially without salt and sugar.

3- When you have sat for at least a week on buckwheat and then switched to normal food, the weight is still kept well for a long time. You’re not getting better.

4- Buckwheat – An excellent adsorbent and helps remove toxins from the body

5- The main goal – weight loss – with buckwheat diet is necessarily achieved. On average 14 days on buckwheat, a person can lose more than 7-10 kg of weight.

6- Many write in their reviews that after the buckwheat diet, they improve the appearance of the skin, nails and hair. Girls also say that the cellulites after eating on buckwheat are considerably more even.

Contraindications to the buckwheat diet

Contraindications to the buckwheat diet also apply to the minuses. Although dieting without contraindications does not happen. So contraindications to buckwheat monoratsionu with the purpose of growing thin are:

  • duodenal
  • gastric ulcer
  • diabetes mellitus
  • arterial hypertension
  • pregnancy (especially with complications)
  • breast-feeding

However, the last 2 points can be attributed to the conditional, because during pregnancy and breastfeeding on the buckwheat can not sit 2 weeks (fully buckwheat mono-diet) and 1-2-day day – to unload the body. Preliminary consultation with his treating physician, of course. Enjoy your weight loss!


  • Dietary Restrictions: Sitting on a buckwheat for weight loss is dull and tasteless. To do this came up with light bulky diets, when buckwheat with other products: kefir, vegetables, herbs.
  • After practicing the buck diet, you can return to it no earlier than a month, so as not to overcome the body with a monotonous diet. No weight loss is worth such a victim.

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