Ayurvedic treatment of arthritis (joint pain)

Arthritis is the most common disease for the help of Ayurveda is today.

Disease process in arthritis

arthritis According to Ayurveda, especially the pain caused by the aggravation of dosha vata(air). Arthritis is a disease that is caused by the accumulation of AMA and aggravation to vata. (Love is a toxic byproduct of faulty digestion). This loves circulates throughout the body and deposits or gets collected from sites that are weaker. If deposited in the joints and at the same time, there is trouble, vata, results in a disease called Amavata.This is Amavata arthritis.


As above described love and vata are the main causes, they should strive, loves to digest it and reduce vata. Digestion needs to be improved so that no loves more is produced. Should the efforts for relief of pain and inflammation. This is the line of treatment according to Ayurveda.

Fasting is very beneficial for the AMA to digest. Fasting be total or partial, depending on the thickness of the person, time and place. Two teaspoons lemon juice mixed in250 ml. of warm water and a teaspoon of honey is good to take twice daily in the morning and in the evening.

Massage with mustard oil or sesame oil helps to reduce the vata and to relieve body pain. The joints pain affected can be massaged for longer.

Light exercises are useful, but you should know that their limits: generally, if any exercise, including hiking, causing pain after an hour, exceeded the threshold.

Liberal intake increases the effectiveness of an anti-rheumatic drugs orange juice, fresh lime juice or vitamin C skeletal pain can reduce vitamin C.

Guggul is a very useful herb to cure arthritis. If necessary you can takeĀ a dose of 3 gm twice a day after meals with warm water.


Not recommended for people with kidney disease or acute urticaria.

Diet and regime

joint-painFoods that are easy to digest and not wind or gas are good. Soups and vegetable juices are good. Carrot juice, beat root and cucumber mixed is also beneficial. Green Salad with dressing is also good lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Fruits such as apples, oranges, grapes and papaya can be applied. Zucchini and pumpkin are cooked vegetables such as pumpkin, good. Cooking with spices such as cumin is also very helpful in garlic, ginger, turmeric, Asafetida, coriander and fennel.

To eat, avoid hot, spicy foods and fried foods, confectionery, foods such as cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, okra and potatoes make wind must be banned. Avoid as much tea, coffee, alcohol, refined sugar, yogurt, chocolate and cocoa, excessive smoking, sleep during the day to stay up at night and mental tensions as worry, fear, anxiety, stress and pain, etc. must be supplied. Regular exercise and every day the oil massage once or twice a week, important part of the lifestyle.

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