Types of Yoga: Yoga Ananda

ananda yogaYoga, for many people, the more than just greetings and poses, and it is more than just a form of exercise to do, work up a sweat. It is a way of life that strengthens your spirituality and overall well-being. As simple as it, this practice may seem, yoga has much more complexity to him compared to a regular form of exercise. When it comes to the kinds of yoga, there is more than only. In fact, there are more than 10 kinds of yoga styles or discipline that you can choose. An example would be the Ananda Yoga.

The history of Yoga Ananda

Yoga is a type of Yoga Ananda in which addressed to higher consciousness. It remains one of the oldest types of Hatha Yoga, its roots back to the path of the 1940 to 1950. It was the mid-1960s, when it was first taught to the public in California. Kriyananda of founder of, believes the Ananda Yoga postures are able to improve and harmonize the body’s energy flow.

The true essence of Yoga Ananda

As already mentioned, this kind of Yoga promotes the development of inner awareness and makes peaceful, check the power that we have in our bodies. The yoga postures in Ananda Yoga is believed to increase the awareness and after such postures, the body, mind and soul in harmony with each other.

This type of Yoga: Ananda Yoga is based on the principles of pranayama and asanas. Pranayama is a technique that a pose that just sit as domain is identified mainly on the respiration and the control of energy, while the asana is still without any other movements out of breath.

Ananda yogaIt is proposed that this type of Yoga: Ananda Yoga must be practiced, by beginners, as at the beginning can be pretty forgiving. The challenge comes when it is time, that be done technology to perfect, and this level of those who have more experience with it. Is not aerobic or light type exercise is making this kind of Yoga very well suited for those who is in practice no matter how old, although, as with any other form of exercise, prioritizes safety precautions need to be. In this case, it is important that proper posture, body aches and alignment errors to avoid. Be in a relaxed state at all times should necessarily also if the poses become increasingly demanding. During the poses, it is the awareness is important to exploit the advantages of the this style of Yoga: Ananda Yoga can bring. As a precautionary measure, is that not everyone is able to perfectly follow will be each pose, it is important to note that different types of changes to the poses, to avoid accidents.

Additionally, this style of Yoga is: Ananda Yoga includes also claims that the every Yogi practices in the background in combination with each pose. This practice enhances the natural effect that each pose has the body and his level of consciousness.

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