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Top 5 yoga asana 

Yoga asanaUsually people don’t find time for exercises and they end up gaining weight. To avoid this, it is very important to do meditation class and an hour-long yoga. This will hardly take 10-15 minutes but will keep you at ease all throughout your day.

Yoga encompasses few movements and mindful breathing. The top 5 yoga asana are given below to help improve your metabolism and make you fit.

Bidalasana (Cow/ Cat Pose)

In this all you need to do is take a tabletop position and keep your knees beneath the hips and wrists directly beneath the shoulders. Make sure the blades of shoulder are broad and press your palms into the mat. While inhaling, look upwards towards the sky only, if your neck allows, no exertion required. Exhale with your chin touching the chest and tailbone should reach the floor. Keep doing this for multiple times and you will feel massaging of your spine. Make sure your elbow joints do not extend too far or it may result in hyperextension. Repeat the exercise for 5-6 times.

 Balasana (Child’s Pose)

For this asana bring your forehead to the floor and chest down onto your thighs. Thereafter stretch your hands by the side up to your feet. Also you have an alternative to keep your hands under your head, whichever way it feels comfortable. After you get the right posture, breathe in and out, while inhaling you will feel the back of your chest expanding and during exhaling you can sink your bottom towards the heels. This should be done at least 8-10 times.These health tips will help you a lot.


This asana keeps you fit, healthy and fresh. Let the top portion of your body hang with your feet towards hands. This way the head and neck are in a relaxed state. Bend your knees and then start extending your legs. Make sure that there is no exertion at your lower back otherwise it can worsen the situation. After this, start inhaling finding way through the spine and exhale with head slowly advancing to the feet. This may seem funny to an outsider but in order to maintain the body fitness, it doesn’t matter if you look like a jellyfish.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Begin with standing and widening your legs with space of about a leg in between making sure the heel aligns with the left foot’s center arch. After this stretch your hands parallel to the floor and move on to the right side. The thighs remain engaged and legs should be straight. When you are at the highest point then start movement in the opposite direction, the arms pivot, to keep them in a line; lengthening the torso with chest open. Repeat.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog Pose)

For this asana, separate the palm of your hands a little more than the width of your shoulder, lift the hips and tuck toes; arms straight with chest moving backwards towards the thigh and head in a relaxed state. The knees should be bent, shoulders to roll away from the ears and then start walking one heel down at a time.

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