Nature has endowed us with a number of life saving and enhancing things. Flora and fauna comes very first in this category. Plants are source of all our nutrition be it vegetarian or non vegetarian. One important source of nutrition is the Chia seeds.

The health benefits of Chia seeds are countless and these seeds are used in many remedies. Obtained from Salvia Hispanica plant these seeds are tiny black colored which belong to mint family. Natively found on Southern America these seeds where among main food for Mayans and Aztecs. Yet Chia seeds recently were recognized for their benefits even when such long history of nutrition is associated with them.

The Benefits

Chia seeds are also called super food because they deliver huge amount of nutrients while restricting calories at the same time. In one ounce of Chia seeds you will get enough supply of fiber, fat, protein, calcium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorous which is not possible with any other food. Apart from these active ingredients there are also decent traced of Vitamin B3, zinc, Vitamin B1 and B2 and potassium in these seeds.

Antioxidants are another addition to Chia seeds which makes body younger and restores its vitality. Fighting free radicals in the body antioxidants protect body from any kind of cell and molecule damage and wards off diseases like cancer.

We already mentioned that Chia seeds have lower calories. This is because almost all the carbohydrate present in these seeds is fibers. Keeping you feeling full all time fibers avoid intake of extra calories due to unnecessary munching of snacks. Also fiber helps with digestion and controls blood sugar. By weight Chia seeds are 40% fiber which makes them best source for getting fiber.

Help with Weight Loss

This may interest you the most. Chia seeds due to their protein and high fiber content can help you with weight loss. Experts suggest that fiber present in these seeds expands in your stomach which makes you feel full and also slows down absorption of food.

The proteins present in these seeds help you to reduce appetite. This helps with weight loss for those who are struggling with problems like obesity.

Considered to be a super food it is advised that you all include Chia seeds in your regular diet. We all spent money on supplements which sometimes results into side effects. However with natural alternatives like these we can have a healthy body without use of any supplements.

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