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yoga : spiritual and ascetic discipline of life

Yoga: A holistic way of life! If you think people in seemingly impossible poses, and strangely distorted the “Yoga”, if they think, so you can an idea of, what is yoga, just a hunch, that is. But it is much more than these poses. Is a complete way of

How To Reduce The Weight Using The Fasting Method

In the recent days, people are undergoing diets in several ways to reduce their weight efficiently and to obtain a healthy body. Among the various methods employed to undergo dieting, intermittent fasting is the rapidly growing method employed by large number of people. Intermittent fasting is a kind

Hair loss (alopecia)

Alopecia is defined as excessive hair loss (effluvium capillorum) in which, as defined, more than 100 hairs per day fall. Doctors define alopecia as a visible thinning hair or baldness evident. Alopecia can occur in both men and women and can have different causes. In most cases

Pointers for mental fitness

Being mentally healthy means being able to function nicely during everyday routine and feeling confident to rise with the challenges. Just like your physical fitness, there are measures you can take to maintain your mental fitness. Boost up your mental health with some simple measures laid down

Negative credentials of dieting

Dieting can result in many undesirable consequences. Carrying on an extremely low calorie diet that is devoid of essential nutrients can not only prove fatal for your dieting efforts in long run, but it results in negative health consequences. Here are few negative credentials laid upon by

A look at health issues in men and women

Today health issues are quite the controversy. It seems were always fighting about something. Either we take too many medicines or we do not take enough. It seems that one-minute we are too fat and the next just right. It gets frustrating for people who just want