can result in many undesirable consequences. Carrying on an extremely low calorie diet that is devoid of essential nutrients can not only prove fatal for your dieting efforts in long run, but it results in negative health consequences.

Here are few negative credentials laid upon by unhealthy dieting.

Binge Eating

Binge eating is actually the result of having gone too long without necessary calories and nutrients. If you consistently skip healthy meals, it is possible to feel deprived and eat even more calories late at night, if you’re unable to fall asleep due to intense hunger.

If you cut your calories excessively and eliminate all of your favorite foods and intake very little food which delivers not much needed nutrition, the consequence can be fatal for long term.

Muscle Loss

Unhealthy dieting practices do not allow incorporation of enough protein in your body. And that can lead to unwanted muscle loss. Your body needs protein to repair and build tissues. When you don’t take enough protein in your diet, your body starts consuming its own muscle mass.

Eventual Weight Gain

Gain weightIt is much healthier in the long term if you adjust your diet evenly. Instead of reducing thousands of calories on a day basis, find ways to cut down a few calories each day. You may also go for exercising your body. Exercises help you in burning the excess calories. When your body has energy, you will be more active.The challenge with dieting is that they usually cannot be sustained in the long term. You may be able to survive for short term on an extremely low calorie diet, but eventually you will have to resume the intake of regular meals. When you go on an extreme dieting, you are not offered with the opportunity to gradually develop habits that will sustain you in long term.

Mental Health illness

Dieting is can affect your mental fitness. Many people feel irritable and grumpy when they are hungry. Not getting enough calories and not having enough energy to carry out daily the daily routine in best manner, feeling nauseous and dizzy can form a blend that would take the dieters into feelings of depression or deep sadness.

The best way to avoid the consequences of dieting is to establish healthy eating ways. You must do this gradually. Dieting in no way give you long term health benefits.

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