HGH-Pills2Usually men don’t pay attention to the decreased levels of growth hormones in the body. Symptoms of andropause are much gradual as compared to drastic fall in production in women during menopause. Men should be vigil about the symptoms which can also be sign of growth hormone deficiency. Here in this post we are going to detail about GH deficiency and how to deal with it.

The Symptoms

Paying attention to the symptoms you can easily find whether you are struggling with growth hormone deficiency or not. In men common symptoms which occur include increased body fat, muscle loss, fatigue, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, sleep issues and hair loss.

In women with the menopause there is fall in production of progesterone and estrogen and eventually comes to halt. But in women the symptoms can also occur in the early age between 20’s and 30’s due to deficiency of growth hormones. These symptoms include hot flashes, weight gain, night sweats, fatigue, diminished sex drive, insomnia, depression and irritability. The range of these symptoms can be mild to severe depending on the level of GH decrease.

Symptoms to look for:

  • Strength or Endurance loss
  • Weight gain and increased body fat
  • Loss of self-confidence
  • Decrease in sex drive
  • Feeling of depression
  • Fatigue and dropped energy levels
  • In men fewer morning erections
  • Difficulty in focusing or concentrating

In both the genders the fall in the levels of growth hormones can cause life to derail due to a number of reasons. But the thing about hormonal disturbances is that they can be corrected easily. If you are having GH deficiency then you can make use of HGH pills and other oral supplements to easily correct it.

The Solution

Unless you are dealing with high with severe GH deficiency, HGH therapy can easily help you to deal with all kinds of symptoms. HGH supplements come of great help in dealing with all sorts of symptoms. It is recommended however that you make use of oral HGH supplements over injectible supplements for a number of reasons. Side effects from injectible HGH are much higher and you will not want to get into mess using them.

Making use of HGH oral supplements you can easily reap the benefits of boosted growth hormones. These supplements naturally increase the production of growth hormones in your body without any side effects.

So stop worrying about GH deficiency as solution is available.

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