Imagine if it was as easy as just drinking a little more water to lose weight and reduce sugar suction… Studies show that it is just as it is!

Drinking one percent more water a day may be the easiest way to take control of weight and sugars. It shows a study made of nearly 20,000 Americans who drank more water and as a result, actually reduced calories, saturated fat, sugar and salt.

What is it then for miracle water? Actually quite common tap water. Or bottled water if you prefer. One of the reasons why the participants received both calories and sugars in themselves was that they often replaced drinking with sugar in, such as soft drinks, with the extra glass of water. The study was done by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is taken up by

Another study done on overweight people aged 55–75 also showed that water can help when trying to lose weight. The participants were divided into two groups. Everyone ate healthy food, but in one group they also drank two glasses of water a while before each meal. In three months the people in the group who drank extra water had gone down about 30 percent more than those in the group who did not put extra focus on drinking. The study was conducted at Virginia Tech University in the United States.

So, water helps you lose weight:

  • Water does not contain any calories.
  • Water quenches thirst and makes you less hungry.
  • Water can help with sugar sugars and hunger feelings.
  • Water is easily accessible, for most of us, and you can always take a glass when you feel like sucking.
  • Water helps you keep your stomach running and counteracts constipation.
  • Water eliminates fluid shortages, which can make you tired and make poor choices.

How to get good water routines:

  1. Drink a large glass of water the first thing you do every morning.
  2. Always carry a water bottle with you.
  3. Set alarm on the clock a few times scattered during the day – drink a glass of water each time you hear the alarm.

NOTE! Keep in mind that it is best to do so. Drink 1.5–2 liters of water a day.

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