This is a call-out for all the lazy people out there. Stay out of this app, because once you’re in you will never be the same. You will get fit, you will begin to love exercising and in no time at all, you will become a more productive person.

Vingo, the best Indoor Cycling App is here to revolutionise your lives by taking you on adventures at the comfort of your homes. This app has been designed to make your cycling time more interesting, and it does so by giving you an out-of-world experience every time you’re in it. Here’s how it works,

Explore New Places with Adventure mode

Vingo is designed with spots, and locations from across the world. Once you get into the app, you can select any of your favourite locations and you can cycle there. All you have to do is, place your phone or tablet or your smart TV in front of your exercise bike and select the location. Be it the cool beaches of the Mediterranean or the windy plains of Iceland, you can get there at the touch of the button.

Once you select your location, you can select the difficulty level of your exercise. If you are feeling like you need a challenge today, you can go on a hiking trail. We know what you’re thinking now. How can the app monitor the difficulty? Vingo will suggest you to set the speeds and pace on your exercise bike as soon as you connect the app with it. This way it will continuously monitor your progress for as long as you want. It is basically Indoor Cycling, but with an invisible guide in front of you.

Enhance the Way You Look inside the Vingo World

What makes Vingo special are some of its cool features, like the Avatars, Social Connectivity, etc. the Avatars are what you see beside you on the app. As you know, there are millions of fitness buffs out there who want a realistic Online Cycling experience. So, the best way to create such an experience is to take all of you inside the app. You can upload your selfie and create your own avatar. You can also add outfits, work-out gear and even your pet to the avatar. This avatar is what people see as you inside the app.

Connect & Form a Social Network

The avatars are not just for show, since they can talk too. you can socialise with other Vingo-ers through the voice chat option. If you are feeling like you need a silent trip, you can hit the mute button any time you want.With growing numbers of users, Vingo transformed into a social network, with the community feature, where you can create and join communities. You can help your fellow cyclists to push their limits and they will in turn do the same for you. This way the fitness regime gets all the urgent care that is required for your constant improvement.

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