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Top 5 yoga asana to keep you fit

Top 5 yoga asana  Usually people don’t find time for exercises and they end up gaining weight. To avoid this, it is very important to do meditation class and an hour-long yoga. This will hardly take 10-15 minutes but will keep you at ease all throughout your

Five Critical Guidelines for Yoga

Guidelines for Yoga The expression “Yoga” drives from Indian Sanskrit “yug” or “yuj” which implies agreement and understanding. It is a customary mental and physical order, began in India, which helps individuals to create their possibility. The embodiments of yoga lies in accomplishing mental peace, enhancing fixation

8 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

 8 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga Yoga today has become more popular not only with health conscious people but also with celebrities all over the world. Although it has not been long ago that Yoga landed in fandom, what we didn’t know is that Yoga has

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss Yoga poses are very effective and instant way to lose weight. Yoga is very old exercise but now people are doing it again because it is very soothing and relaxes the mind and soul. Yoga is best if it is done in

7 effective yoga poses for pregnant women

7 effective yoga poses for pregnant women Yoga is a new trend, of even those who don’t attract any reasons about joining a gym. The pregnancy is phenomena, which contains almost every woman at some point in their lives. There are a handful of yoga poses that

A brief introduction to different kinds of Yoga

A brief introduction to different kinds of Yoga The quality of the practices of Yoga comes from numerous varieties of exercises that this method offers. Any reasonably exercise that varies in line with the requirements of each a part of the body. There square measure many sorts

Types of Yoga: Yoga Ananda

Types of Yoga: Yoga Ananda Yoga, for many people, the more than just greetings and poses, and it is more than just a form of exercise to do, work up a sweat. It is a way of life that strengthens your spirituality and overall well-being. As simple

Different types of yoga techniques

Different types of yoga in all parts of the world Yoga is a Hindu practice of physical, mental and holy discipline, developing in the ancient India. The goal of yoga or person practicing yoga, is a State of consciousness to achieve serenity and devotional adept. The word

Yoga poses to increase height

Yoga poses to increase height Everybody get up on the stage of the “how I can grow bigger?” or not, that the individual is already larger than the traditional, though more never would hurt an anchor two someone. This extra inch provides you with additional self-esteem and

The reign of Yoga : Secret behind Moksha

History of Yoga The saying goes, “what is in the past should stay in the past” not work here . Maybe you have an idea of what is yoga, but to have a better understanding, we need to know what happened exactly as their roots and origins. A