7 effective yoga poses for pregnant women

pregnant-asian-woman-doing-yogaYoga is a new trend, of even those who don’t attract any reasons about joining a gym. The pregnancy is phenomena, which contains almost every woman at some point in their lives. There are a handful of yoga poses that are benefited greatly during the pregnancy.

This provides not only mentally but also physically women to accept changes that may happen in the future. There may be just a few things in life, which represents a serious warning to life, but we are still happy that they are comprehensive. Pregnancy would be easy at the top of this list. This is a natural phenomenon that is both feelings of joy and fear at the same time. Mountains great danger for your life, your baby, and that is where hormonal changes in women during pregnancy yoga for pregnancy come in very handy. Yoga is an ancient art that has a cure for everything, including complications of pregnancy.

There are certain postures of Yoga for pregnancy, very useful for the mother and the baby in May. Yoga for pregnancy is a term, often for certain poses that have a positive impact on the health of the mother during pregnancy. Pregnancy-related complications can be avoided if some good pregnancy yoga poses are practiced. This article gives a brief introduction about 7 most effective yoga poses for the pregnancy.

(1) Janu Sirs asana (extract simple page):

Light stretching during pregnancy and simply it is very beneficial. Expand your ability to increase flexibility and to avoid tightening the muscles. Simply, page snippet belongs to this yoga poses for the pregnancy, which helps to relax the muscles in the body and the problem of stiffness. This Yoga pose for pregnancy begins to straighten his left legend open it in a distance that is comfortable for you. Fold the right foot, ankle, calf or thigh.

(2) Baddha Konasana (tailor’s pose):

Schneider pose is considered as one of the best yoga poses for pregnancy for the opening of the basin. This seating position makes sure that you are properly grounded on the mat or blanket, especially if you lose joints. Lean against the wall, and can touch the soles of the feet. During this pose from Yoga for pregnancy is advisable, the knees press. Run this yoga pose for pregnancy, as long as you feel comfortable.

(3) CAT cow:

Most women complain of back pain during pregnancy. Sometimes, this pain gives unwanted stress on pregnant women. Fortunately, you can overcome back pain, without the use of any analgesic for practitioners cat cow, one of the most effective yoga poses for the pregnancy. Her knees and hands and ensures apart, that these poor shoulder width and your knees hip width are separated. Try to keep your arms straight, without locking your elbows. As you exhale, relax your back and bend your buttocks to breath during and around the back. Take time and set your own pace.

(4) Triangle poses:

YogaStrength and balance are very important during pregnancy. There are some yoga poses for pregnant women, which aims to strengthen his legs and his balance. Triangle pose is considered one of the most effective yoga poses develop for pregnancy the power in the legs. Put the right foot during triangle pose, and open up your hips and shoulders while exhaling. Now breathe in links from the Chair, tilt and lean your upper body to chair. Triangle poses to stretch your muscles and helps to strengthen the muscles.

(5) Position child:

Another important factor is flexible as his body during pregnancy. Increase the flexibility of the body there are certain postures of Yoga for pregnancy. Position child contributes to the flexibility in hips, knees and ankles to retain and even tension in the hips and back. Distinguish your fingers together and knees in this position of the Yoga for pregnancy to make room.

(6) The wall (squat) legs:

Is also advantageous, perform for pregnant women yoga poses for pregnancy. Squat requires much effort. This pose begins with a snap your hips, how close to the wall as possible and swing mean feet up the wall, as if you lie on your back. This Yoga pose for pregnancy helps in the release of pressure from the abdomen. Crouch, also contributes to the reduction in the swelling in the ankles and lower back. This Yoga pose for the pregnancy also strengthen the immune system.

(7) Final relaxation (pose side material):

After the hard work, it’s time to relax your tired body. Chuck page pose is among those for pregnancy yoga poses, which relaxes the body itself. This takes usually 7-12 minutes. This is considered important Yoga pose for pregnancy. Relaxation guaranteed the integration of services of Poznan, previously done. Simple lie on the side with a pillow under the head and a pillow between the legs. Make sure that you cover up with a blanket.

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