In the US alone the chance for stuttering to occur is approximately one out of a hundred and although it seems that the rate is nothing to be alarmed about, the chance to encounter an individual who stutters is a possibility that could happen and being able to handle the situation is a positive step forward.

To get help with stuttering, that the opportunity to provide help for individuals who stutter is very essential and can create an environment that keep s them at ease making their stuttering episodes decrease in the long run.

Step 1 – Attentive Listening

There is nothing more meaningful to do for a stuttering individual than providing them with your understanding, intent and concern especially with what they would like to say to you.

Do your best to pay particular attention to their entire message and keep an open mind as to what they have told you even despite the pauses or repetitions of words.

Step 2 – Practice Optimal Observation

Another useful technique when conversing with a stutterer is focusing on their demeanor as well as other signals and gestures that could clearly indicate the overall thought of the phrases and sentences that they would like to tell you.

Give them enough eye contact but refrain from staring too much, glaring with doubt or worst showing a disapproved facial expression – look at them conscientiously.

Step 3 – Avoid Completing Statements

It may seem helpful to fill in the blanks when a stutterer is talking with you but it can cause them more harm than good when you do so.

Let the person continue with their entire statement despite the repetitions and long pauses and once they are done give them feedback about their statement to verify if you have understood correctly.

Step 4 – Be Unconditionally Patient

Whether young or old, stuttering is a condition that affects not just speech but a person’s overall outlook and even self confidence.

Make sure to extend a lot of patience and treat a stutterer with much care and understanding as this will matter a lot to them in terms of their ability to cope with their condition.

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