11 Tips To Avoid Overeating

Avoid overeatingSummer has officially arrived! In good weather, get skimpy clothing, ice cream and barbecue. The streets are perfumed with hunger, inducing charred the flavor of sausages, burgers and chicken. Breads come along with salads and large amounts of beer and wine.

How can you avoid, overdoing it with such culinary delights on offer? Like all destroy or enjoy the festivities of the sunny season without excesses, the hard, the work has for months in the gym?

Not all is lost! Here is how you can enjoy your barbecue without much effect:

1. Always eat breakfast. Not only at the weekend, not only then, when I have time…always! If you’re fat burning metabolism from the moment you rise. Food, eggs, vegetable soup or a salad and convening increase your energy and stay awake all day.

2. Keep well hydrated, in the course of the day with good quality filtered or mineral water. I recommend Evian and 40 litres per kg of body weight.

3. Avoid sugary drinks, lemonades or drain with caffeine, you make feel hungry fake. The same goes for alcohol.

4. Pack, to complete your meals with fresh food (fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts) in contrast, processed foods, the sizes super often in boxes and are full of sugar, salt and chemicals cause cancer.

5. with a dessert dish instead of excessive sizes of bowls and plates of food.

6. Place your utensils on your plate after every bite. It is easy to notice when you are satisfied, and that is enough.

7. Chew completely. The process of digestion begins in the mouth. Health and effective fat loss begins with a healthy digestive system.

8. Small swallow water (not sugary drinks or sodas or caffeinated) drink with food.

9. Do not eat in front of the TV, while working on the computer or reading a book or a magazine. Basically, on the upcoming task.

10. Make your meals a sacred ritual. Can pay your full attention. Take time to enjoy the whole experience: the colors on the plate, the taste of food and feel like food is healthy food after.

11. Always carry with you, snacks, fruit, vegetables (carrots and celery are great snacks) or nuts, so if you get hungry you immediately can revert them. A part of the nuts is the amount of nuts that you fit into a closed fist. A portion of fruit is one medium piece of fruit.

Avoiding-OvereatingThe worst thing you can do skips meals during the day in anticipation of a barbecue or one party. This will help to slow down your metabolism and to store more body fat.Keep your meal routine every day. In this way are not when you get hungry, i.e. be able to easily make better decisions!

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