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Diagnosis of diabetes

Diagnosis of diabetes Diagnosis for type 1 and type 2 diabetes can occur in a number of different ways. The type 2 is diagnosed by symptoms of diabetes, such as polyuria (excessive urination), polydipsia (excessive thirst). Otherwise the diabetes detected through triage, when the doctor examines a

Different types of Diabetes

Different types of Diabetes There are two main types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2 .Type 1 diabetes was called previously insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) or juvenile onset diabetes mellitus. In type 1 diabetes the pancreas undergoes an autoimmune attack of the body itself and is

Overview of Diabetes

INTRODUCTION According to the World Health Organization was a few decades back diabetes an unusual disease, in industrial and developing countries. Today, the story is different. Currently, it is estimated that over 143 million people worldwide are affected by the disease. This number will increase until 2020

Ayurvedic treatment of arthritis (joint pain)

Ayurvedic treatment of arthritis (joint pain) Arthritis is the most common disease for the help of Ayurveda is today. Disease process in arthritis According to Ayurveda, especially the pain caused by the aggravation of dosha vata(air). Arthritis is a disease that is caused by the accumulation of

A brief introduction to different kinds of Yoga

A brief introduction to different kinds of Yoga The quality of the practices of Yoga comes from numerous varieties of exercises that this method offers. Any reasonably exercise that varies in line with the requirements of each a part of the body. There square measure many sorts

Types of Yoga: Yoga Ananda

Types of Yoga: Yoga Ananda Yoga, for many people, the more than just greetings and poses, and it is more than just a form of exercise to do, work up a sweat. It is a way of life that strengthens your spirituality and overall well-being. As simple

Concept of the Ama in Ayurveda

Concept of the Ama in Ayurveda Ama is a unique concept in Ayurveda (for the modern chemistry has no correlate). Is an important factor for a cause of disease and illness change process. Role of Ama Ama comes from not properly digested toxic particles that obstruct the

Breast Cancer- Stages and Treatments

Stages of breast cancer Now check the other breast as well. If you you think found something, feeling the same area in the opposite breast. If they are the same thing is probably just your way, but if you are concerned, please visit your doctor. Breast cancer

Causes of breast cancer

Cause of breast cancer, control, and cure for the benefit of mankind Cancer is responsible for the death of 6 million lives per year. Modern medicine is with advancements in treating cancer with awareness, prevention, detection, treatment, research management and symptom of a breathtaking aging. The last

Women’s health issues and problems

Women’s health issues It is important to recognize that there are certain health issues that women do not affect men, and it is important to learn what they¬†are and how to treat. There are many diseases and conditions, the men and women share, there are some of

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